Workshop "Dog Language - Calming Signals"

Energy Medicine Coach Workshop hondentaal begrijpen en toepassenThe workshop "Dog Language" is interesting for everyone who lives and/or works with dogs. No matter how long you have had dogs.

Would you like to communicate with your dog using calming signals? Would you like to earn his respect and trust en learn how to work with your intuition instead of control and domination?  This workshop is right for you!!. Dogs use calming signals/dog language to avoid any and all confrontation. People are prone to do the opposite , mainly because they do not understand what their dog is saying to them.

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Workshop "Aromatherapy"

Energy Medicine Coach Workshop Aroma therapieStep into the world of scent and natural medicine.

Would you like to feel good an healthy and would you like to help you family and friends (animals and humans) with physical and emotional problems?
Would you prefer to relieve colds, the flu, pain, fatigue, emotions, stress and other health issues in an all natural way?
Would you like to detox your home and use an all natural cleaner that kills bacteria?
Would you like to make your own cosmetic products with the best possible ingredients?

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Course "Intuitive Animal Communication " basic and advanced

ALL NEW 1DAY WORKSHOP Beginners Saturday July 3

Course Would you like to learn how to communicate intuitively with your own and other animals? Everyone can learn how to communicate telepathically, so come and join me in this course and learn how to train this natural ability.
I teach in small groups and the course takes 2 days.

A small group of around 4 people is more intimate and effective. I gives me the opportunity and time to guide everyone on their own journey. The connection you have with your and all animals will grow exponential  and a whole new world will open up for you since you will be tuning in to your heart and gut feelings. This will bring you a tremendous amount of benefit in your daily life.

Course dates can be arranged as desired and a course can take place during week and weekend days.

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